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After 16 years as a live sound engineer with studio experience, the pandemic hit. During this time, The Arts Council awarded Ellie a grant to train as a mastering engineer studying with mentorship from Katie Tavini and Nick Powell. 

Ellie offers competitive rates, free revisions and a quick turnaround. 

Get in touch for rates or for a free test master. 

Mastering Examples


Kat Five

Sylva 247


Sylva 247 Forestfloor remix 


Dan Sama


Full Live Studio Session Recording  featuring Zosia Jagodzinska on vocals 

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 19.23.14.png

Solitary Creatures;

Emilia Martensson and Matt Robinson on Edition Records

'Everything you Are'


'We'll be Together Again' 

Mastering Submission Form

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